Go to Solution. Yet Q.2, how to centre cam behind av instead of cam view looking over right shoulder as in pic.1 ? You can freely control its position and rotations . The ‘Lock Camera To View’ should definitely be visible when Camera View (0) is selected. 1. Messed about with various x/y/z offset/focus point settings. The best I’ve been able to come up with so far is this, a Local Script in the StarterGui: local camera = workspace.CurrentCamera RunService:BindToRenderStep("UpdateLoop", Enum.RenderPriority.Camera… A viewport space point is normalized and relative to the Camera. I don’t know how to change their camera rotation because, it’s turned in the opposite way as they should continue the obby. Just cant seem to get the 3rd person cam … I am then taking the position and angle from that to position the camera. The z position is in world units from the Camera. Lock camera position. Whenever a player dies, them teleports it back to that stage. on the ps3 you just needed to press the select button. When the camera is locked in this way, it's still possible to rotate the camera while looking through it. 0; … The bottom-left of the Camera is (0,0); the top-right is (1,1). How do you lock camera or actor in the editor so you don't accidently move it? Getting the camera position is easy. I want to clamp the player’s camera on the X axis while keeping all of the freedom of the Y axis and Z axis, as well as still allow the player to zoom in and out. “ Toggle Fixed camera [1, 2, 3…] ” (left ctrl + left shift + [1, 2, 3 …] You can also cycle through them using “ Next Fixed camera ” (A) and “ Previous Fixed camera ” (left shift + A) The Drone camera is a highly customizable free moving camera . Not had a chance to try the suggestions from earlier out yet (this is a pet project and have to fit it around a full time job and a family) but will hopefully get to try it tonight or at the weekend. Thanks MutantSurvivor, Jan 8, 2010 #9. You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 93 days. This matches the active camera to a regular (non camera) view, for a convenient method of placing the camera without having to move the object directly. Asked by Charolotte Caxton, April 27, 2011. Share Followers 1. The camera position is a vector in world space that points to the camera's position. Solved! I have been using camera lock/unlock to see below, but is there a hotkey for this because I keep pressing the button and it's a little inconvenient XD Trying to figure out how to change the camera lock position from my player to the puck. After I position the camera, if motion tracking begins, once the motion tracking event ends, the cams return to the last manually adjusted position. Hello! I really hate being the northern side in the 5v5 because I can't see in the space where my skills/minimap are. A world space point is defined in global coordinates (for example, Transform.position). 0; Lock camera position. The z position is in world units from the Camera. So, I’m making an obby and it has stages. Lock actor or camera position. Camera View Positioning ¶ By enabling Lock Camera to View in the View panel of the Sidebar region, while in camera view, you can navigate the 3D Viewport as usual, while remaining in camera view. Is there a way to prevent this? Question. 0. Sandor. Hello, Internet! No select button on the ps4 controllers. A careful reader may notice that we're actually going to create a coordinate system with 3 perpendicular unit axes with the camera's position as the origin. Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping. Message 1 of 2 (2,495 Views) Reply. Camera position. There is also space for the most necessary Camera control handles: Pan and Tilt; Track In and Track Out; Move Left, Right, Up or Down; Those should be enough for everyone to frame the camera exactly where it is needed in any given scene. Thanks Niran, setting position to 45 tightens cam rotation and answers Q.1. … Please help! Me too. Product Version: Not Selected.