. I see from your article that Canon recommends the Sandisk cards, but you also mentioned that you used Transcend – which are about half the price of Sandisk…also do you know if there is any reason why I can’t put a 256gb cfast card in there? Nice review Sebastian, although not sure where you are getting that the cost is $5,000.00? That’s why the C200’s UHD capture is actually perfect for interviews. So what about the Canon C200B? So you’d have to record everything RAW 4k and then transcode to ProRes. As far as ability to map superimpose on and off to a button…I am going to say yes. Currently the Cinema RAW Development tool by Canon lets you set white balance, Color Space and Gamma. You can't set UHD 150mbps MP4 as your proxy resolution. Netflix Cinema RAW Light: OK for Netflix. For me, this is a “make or break” question. Why would we risk losing precious footage in order to save a little? If only we could control both aperture and ISO on the hand grip . Since this now an entirely different handle connection - a more industry standard ARRI Rosette - we didn’t have time to purchase additional connectors to make the Helix fit the new hand grip. But if you’ve read our long article, you know the XC10/XC15 image - despite having C-log - is on a completely different planet than the C300 mkII image. These unique photographic filters give operators more control over image exposure in bright shooting situations, especially when the use of large apertures is required to achieve shallow depths of field. This is a really great way to assign your ISO adjustment. If it can output 10 bit to an Inferno that would help. For Canon Cinema EOS Mk I users I would see the C200 as a very good upgrade, but if I have to still use an external recorder to get a better codec I might have to look elsewhere. Thanks for this review Sebastian ; ). The result is a well-rounded and powerful cinema camera package that mostly works in tandem with the operator. I hope that helps. Canon C200 Review - Impressive RAW Footage & Ergonomics For Little Money. You would just have to transcode every night after shooting, which would be annoying but not a deal breaker. Well, 4K RAW in a camera that costs $6,000 sounds great, and the fact that it can shoot up 60p RAW and up to 120fps in HD is very useful. Has anyone seen or said anything about being able to adjust ISO in post with the Cinema RAW Light? The C200 with CLog2 looks to be at a legitimate 15 stops. Since the SDI and HDMI output can be assigned with individual preview LUTs, I do presume that the same is true for the LCD and Viewfinder. It does 4k raw and has a good mp4 codec if i’m not mistaking. In this section, we review and score Canon S200 in 5 different photography areas. We’re terrible, unprofessional shooters who don’t know what we’re doing and are not properly utilizing the camera the way its intended to be used. You had all the time in the world, and yet somehow you still failed. Or does Canon want us to forget about specs completely and focus on the things they excel at: user experience and image quality. I think it is unlikely that the aliasing is firmware related, but it should be mentioned none the less. If it can output 10 bit C log to an external, then an Atomos Inferno would check off all the boxes. It was nominated for an Academy Award. If you use a third-party screen though, you will lose the touchscreen functionality on the C200, which is especially useful when using auto focus. So set the sharpness of the Log to 0, then it will be as sharp as RAW. The Mini URSA on the other hand, beautiful camera, the image is quite different than that of the Canon, I do like it, BUUUTTT its Heavy with lens and peripherals, Heaver that an Arri 35BL. You’re using the word “literally” the wrong way in the same way a lot of Americans suddenly decided to do about 2 years ago. HD-SDI, Time Code, and Genlock output. But for many shooters, ergonomics and reliability is another key aspect when it comes to evaluating a camera. Panasonic color science versus Canon color science. Additionally, and I can’t remember where I heard it, it might have been in the Dock to Dish presentation at the Paramount theatre, but someone from canon mentioned that you could adjust exposure afterward, but that it was not quite as good as doing it in camera. Thanks, Barry. To sell more stuff? The auto focus on the Canon C200 convinced me. Will wait for Canon’s approval on this one. So many production houses jumped from Canon to Sony based on specs and now we’re stuck with a glut of of shows with pasty skin tones and AWOL colors (see most anything on Vice TV). While the resolution and look is nice, the aliasing aspect makes it a little less exciting for me. The EOS 2000D is Canon’s latest entry-level model, replacing the similarly affordable EOS 1300D. One of the big benefits to having DPAF will be to fly the camera on a gimbal. I was wondering if I needed to deliver Apple ProRes 422 files, can I convert the RAW file this camera produces adequately for broadcast quality? First, I converted the Canon C200 CRM files (which are single files by the way, not photo sequences) into Apple ProRes 4444, so I had a format I could easily work with. I’m guessing it’s sensor side. For now, however, it feels a little strange to include it in the C200, but not provide higher quality compressed recording in 4:2:2 10-bit to an MP4. Lexar ones are capable of 512GB, but it seems that they are not advised by Canon. Do we know if autofocus or audio capture works in 120P unlike the FS7? Even the C300 MKII is looking soft in comparison. I hope the c200 ushers back an era of excellent colors. As I said at the beginning, it is really hard for me not to like the Canon C200. There's no dual slot recording when you're shooting RAW, which means you're placing all the production on the faith of one slot. Raw + Proxy is an exelemt workflow.. As you may have read from our previous Letus Helix Jr article, we’ve modified the handle to fit a C100/C300 hand grip, making it easy to toggle AF, adjust exposure, and start/stop recording. Our DIY fix for the C300 mkII screen tilting to the right. These two improvements are almost enough to make us switch from the C300 mkII to C200 for interviews alone. One not so great part of the Canon C200 is the placement of the HDMI out, as well as the monitor cable connection. I hope it will help you make an informed decision for your own work. The only downside of the C300II is that it’s bulky - too big to comfortably use on a gimbal, to heavy to handhold very long, and too much camera for many of the tripods, shoulder rigs, and accessories that DSLR and small cinema camera shooters have lying around. You can even transcode or optimize the clips to ProRes, while keeping the original clips, and still use up less hard drive space than the C300 mkII does for 4k recording. Gimbals like the Helix Jr and the popular DJI Ronin M are certainly up to the challenge of carrying a C200. You can shoot in RAW Light and fix all the mistakes in post. That’s perhaps one benefit to using the C200 on narrative shoots, with the RAW Light codec, as opposed to tackling IR issues on a RED or Black Magic camera. Are the shoots of Sebastian filmed with the c200 or a different camera? At first I did want shallow DOF until I got into the field and began to realize that FF is terrible for shooting in the real world, too difficult to try to hold moving subjects in sharp focus. But the bottom line is, in capable hands, this camera will be fantastic. If you cannot see the difference between images from the 5D and the C200, this camera is definitely not intended for you. 150 Mbps sounds underwhelming and we can get the same from most mirrorless cameras nowadays, can’t we? If so I’m sure it would be possible to adapt a CFast to SSD adapter just like the Ursa Mini which would make raw shooting even more viable. C series is pretty much most affordable in the content /doc style market. But sadly, you now have to carry around a big AC adapter, which kind of makes the size change moot. The quality is organic, the rolloff is soft and most importantly, there is a lot of shadow information. Not sure I’d scrap the Ninja. Even though the resolution is only HD, those HD images are quite good. Cfast media is used to record much more data than SD cards, and so they are more likely to fail, simple as that. After Shooting with a A7RII and and A7s for the last year and half or so I am coming to the same conclusion. We know that the original C-log in the C100 and C300 is different than the C-log in the C300 mkII, so perhaps Canon has changed how the C-log in the C200 behaves, in order to work with the new mp4 codec and compression space. I really hope so as and external ProRes recorder will make up for this weak internal 8bit codec. However, to our surprise, the cable on the C100/C300 hand grip, with a Zacuto Grip Extender, works perfectly on the C200. The Canon C200 is a solid and ergonomic tool that feels rugged yet compact and light. Or the card manufacturer? How would this work for a space-saving workaround? Yes it doesn’t have dual AF and low light is bad but it still is a contender. Hi Nicola,I believe you can select either Canon Log or Canon Log 3 as a Gamma for your HDMI output. The main issue with the monitor - as has been reported by many early C200 users - is not the monitor itself, but the over engineered monitor mount that comes with the C200. It uses a new compressed RAW codec called Cinema RAW Light, which can record at 1gbps, up to 12-bit, and full DCI 4k, on one internal C-fast card, with Proxy recording on an SD card. DR on C200 is probably slightly higher than 4.6. But the holy grail of this camera is internal RAW recording. The auto focus and the internally raw keep getting me lolol but did canon confirmed the update will be 10 bit 422? Do you get one large size and use step-up filters for all your smaller lenses? The FS7 is a great camera when shooting more cinematic stuff for television. The Canon C200 Cinema Camera is a versatile "ready to go" production camera that can record internal 4K RAW to a CFast card in Canon's Cinema RAW Light format as well as 4K UHD and Full HD in MP4 format to SD cards (all cards rentable separately). Thanks! One alternative brand, EgoDisk, has popped up and claims it achieves that minimum speed rating as well, and it’s half the price of the others. This is surprising to me and something I want to know more about. Any chance to share an actual RAW file, not the transcoded video? if no firmware update comes to us, i have to wonder how would canon justify the 5K price gap. The introduction of the Cinema RAW Light format means that big changes are coming to our workflows down the road.