1 The hexaphoros was a large sort of palanquin, carried on the shoulders of six men. Do you wish to become free? That you always smell so agreeably, Postumus, makes me suspect that you have something to conceal. An illustration of two photographs. Whatever readers light upon this book, will owe it to you that they come to the first page without being tired. 69. FATHER OF THREE CHILDREN. You will, then, share with me in misfortune only: but if heaven with smiling countenance shows you favour, you will enjoy your happiness, Candidus, alone. grow. Courtesans and adulteresses were compelled by law to wear the toga, the attire of the other sex. Yet learn, what are the 1 Aricia was a town on the Appian way, about twenty miles from Rome; a noted place for beggars, as appears from Juvenal Sat. Ed. Young Hyllus, you are the favoured gallant of the wife of a military tribune; do you fear, in consequence, merely the punishment of a child? This edition provides an English translation of and detailed commentary on the second book of epigrams published by the Latin poet Marcus Valerius Martialis. May such an escort never, I pray, be yours. You recite nothing, and you wish, Mamercus, to be thought a poet. After doing everything, but without the favour of heaven, he runs back, well washed, to the box-grove of the warm Europa, in case some belated friend may be taking his way there. Elphinston. Keep it in your warm baths, Caecilianus. Your skin I would have neither over-sleek nor neglected. Zoilus is ill: his gorgeous bed is the cause of this fever. Martial, Epigrams, Volume II: Books 6-10 LCL 95: Find in a Library; View cloth edition; Print; Email; It was to celebrate the opening of the Roman Colosseum in 80 CE that Martial published his first book of poems, "On the Spectacles." He runs to It was to celebrate the opening of the Roman Colosseum in 80 CE that Martial published his first book of poems, "On the Spectacles." Yes; I submit, my lord; you've gained your end:  Husband, you have disfigured the wretched gallant, and his countenance, deprived of nose and ears, regrets the loss of its original form. A latchet of later than yesterday's make sits upon his crescent-adorned leg, a scarlet shoe decks his foot unhurt by its pressure, and numerous patches cover his forehead like stars. The great Latin epigrammist's twelve subsequent books capture the spirit of Roman life in vivid detail. Besides, what have you to say in this letter, which you could not say in your verses? B xii. Are you ignorant what the thing is? My neighbour Patrobas often trespasses on my little field: you are afraid to oppose a freedman of Caesar. Begin; three professors of eloquence have died in one year, if you have courage, and any talent in that line. It could only be made more foul, Zoilus, by your plunging your head in it. While you are thinking of becoming, sometimes a lawyer, sometimes a professor of eloquence, and cannot decide, Laurus, what you mean to be, the age of Peleus, and Priam, and Nestor, has passed by with you, and it would now be late enough for you even to retire from any profession. Your litter may, if you please, be larger than an hexaphoros, Zoilus; but as it is your litter, it should be called a bier.1. The file will be sent to your Kindle account. This new commentary carefully illuminates the allusions to people, places, things, and cultural practices of late first-century Rome that pervade Martial's poetry. DIFFICULT POETIC TRIFLES. So well, that it is impossible for any one to go beyond her. Now he has begun to kiss me with both lips. 100), but could not be induced to mount the May the gods make you for ever the admirer of Phileros; you, a mother, than whom not even Pontia1 is worse. Book 1. But if I treat you with deference, I shall not love you. You say this, even if you meet me ten times in one single hour: you, Postumus, have nothing, I suppose, to do. In whatever place you meet me, Postumus, you cry out immediately, and your very first words are, "How do you do?" Then why, stern Cato, come to watch? WorldCat Home About WorldCat Help. ; Craig A Williams] Home. Remove the patches, and you will read his name.1. "Where is the first book," you ask, "since this is the second?" You are clad in a toga washed in the waters of Lacedaemonian Galaesus, or one which Parma supplied from a select flock: but I, in one which the stuffed figure first exposed to the furious horns of the bull,1 would be unwilling should be called his. "If harsh Fortune should overwhelm you with some terrible accusation; I will attend you in mourning habit, and more pale than a person accused. B. Martial, who is known throughout the land for these witty little books of epigrams: to whom, wise reader, you keep giving, while he still feels, among the living, what few poets merit in their graves. From such a mass of wealth you give nothing to an old and faithful companion, and do you say, Candidus, that the goods of friends are common? But there are two miles that separate us; and these become four, when I have to return. Buy This Book. I come in the morning to pay my respects to you; I am told that you are gone already to pay your respects elsewhere: again we are equal. Make a vocab list for this book or for all the words you’ve clicked (via login/signup) Save this passage to your account (via login/signup) Epigrams 2/3 → ↑ different passage in the book ↑ different book ← All Latin Literature © unmoved, upon your ill-clad friend in the winter months, shame on you! Why, she sullies her mouth even when not intoxicated.2. In whatever page they please, they present an epistle. Cease now, Lalage, to adorn your fatal locks; let no waiting-woman henceforth touch your outrageous head. May I perish, Classicus, if you do not lie. Be it, then, as you desire. I have a lawsuit on hand with Balbus: you, Ponticus, are unwilling to offend Balbus: I have one on hand with Licinus; he also is a person of importance. 1925/1976. Do you notice, Maternus, that Saufeius accompanied in front and behind by a crowd of followers, a crowd as great as that by which Regulus is escorted home after sending off his shaven 2  See B. i. Ep. ON THE EMPEROR DOMITIAN'S BIRTH-DAY. It may takes up to 1-5 minutes before you received it. An illustration of a 3.5" floppy disk. Martial 22. I commend you, Postumus, for kissing me with only half your lip: you may, From this place he goes to the palace suspended upon a hundred columns;3 thence to the monument of Pompeius' magnificence4 and his double grove. Even Apicius himself delighted in going out to dinner, and, when he dined at home, was rather out of spirits. ", Marius has left you a legacy of five pounds of silver. Epigrams. Because I now address you by your name, when I used before to call you lord and master, do not regard me as presumptuous. Have done. I wrote to Naevia; she has sent me no answer: She will not then grant me what I want. You can write a book review and share your experiences. This file and all material on this page is in the public domain - copy freely. I will not say; for why should I give offence to these same kisses, which can so well avenge themselves? You owe nothing, Sextus; you owe nothing, Sextus, I admit; for he only owes, Sextus, who can pay. acquitted; as persons under accusation let their beards for you-----for you, who have the face of a man swimming under water!1. Do you think, Zoilus, that I am made happy by an invitation to dinner? Let him be a free man, who wishes to be my master. 2  He pretends to be ill, that his friends may send him dainties. TO HIS FRIEND, DECIANUS. V. PEPPER. Martial's Epigrams, 2.. They are bad but you do not write better. [Martial.] If you wish to give her suitable presents, send her a toga.1. Bohn's Classical Library (1897) BOOK II. One ringlet of hair, in the whole circle of Lalage's tresses, was out of its place, haying been badly fixed by an erring pin. Do I not show you sufficient indulgence by reading your epigrams? Granting however, that he did say it to all girls, he did not say it to you: you are not a girl, Maximina, and you have but three teeth, and those plainly the colour of pitch and of boxwood. I am called Mica: 1 what I am you see, a small dining-hall; from me, behold, you view the dome of the imperial Mausoleum. If she should order you to depart under condemnation from your native land, I will go, through seas, through mountains, your companion in exile." first, you can take away "one" from its title. If possible, download the file in its original format. Since your legs, Phoebus, resemble the horns of the moon, you might bathe your feet in a cornucopia. Why do I not kiss you, Philaenis? Written with satiric wit and a talent for the memorable phrase, the poems in this collection record the broad spectacle of shows in the new arena. Leipzig. See B. xiv. ----not yourself Naevolus, but the moths? Pay your creditor, Sextus, I should advise.2. You vomit; that was Antonius' failing; your luxury, that of Apicius. "You will enrich yourself, was his reply, "if you will go to the bar." The hundredth sesterce you had just to pay, his eldest daughter-in-law. Nothing does Selius leave untried, nothing unattempted, whenever he sees that he must dine at home. The book is clearly set out, with introductory sections as follows: (1) M’s Life and Works; (2) Epigram before M; (3) Characteristics of M’s Epigrams (Themes; Characters; Formal Features: Point, Bipartite Structure, Length, and Meter; Book Structure); … Do I not show you sufficient indulgence by reading your epigrams? Bohn's Classical Library (1897) BOOK IV. Mainly from Bohn's Classical Library (1897) BOOK XI. from the banks of the Nile, or this, steeped in the perfumes of Sidon? Make a vocab list for this book or for all the words you’ve clicked (via login/signup) Save this passage to your account (via login/signup) Epigrams 9/3 → ↑ different passage in the book ↑ different book ← All Latin Literature © 3  Centum pendentia tecta columnis, i. e. the portico of Agrippa. Search for Library Items Search for Lists Search for Contacts Search for a Library. You sing prettily, Attalus, and you dance prettily: you are a pretty hand with the lyre, a pretty hand with the ball Since you do nothing well, and yet everything prettily, shall I tell you what you are? how ready! 2008. 1 Small tablets, on which love letters and other light matters were written. All the doctors have ordered Tongilius to These are those epigrams which, when I was reciting them, you used to steal and write out in Vitellian tablets.1 These are they which you used to carry one by one in your pockets to every feast, and every theatre. But as to your abominable debauchery, tell me, from whom do you derive that? you say. you say, "choose." W. M. Lindsay (2007) M. Valerii Martialis Liber Spectaculorum. 2 The umbilicus was the ornament at the end of the stick on which parchment was rolled. 2 The statue of a boy, made by Brutus, an artificer. Bodleian adds another verse. modesty than this? You say, Classicus, that it is against your will that you dine from home. Non miror quod potat aquam tua Bassa, Catulle: miror quod Bassae filia potat aquam. Be whatever you will, only do not recite. way. plus shipping $109.65. free shipping worldwide. See All Buying Options Available at a lower price from other sellers that may not offer free Prime shipping. while you yourself fear the cold which pierces my ragged side, What sacrifice would it have been, wretched mortal, to deprive of a couple of habits----(what do you fear?) Profound stratagem of my old acquaintance! "Are they the common property of us both?" Of what use is it for When you have scarcely read a couple of pages, you look at the last page, Severus, and give long yawns. Author. 1 A brazen mirror. Oh, how caressing, Ammianus, are you with your mother! She shaves.3. Crete gave a great name, Africa a greater, to their conquerors, Metellus and Scipio; a still nobler name did Germany confer on you, Caesar, from the subjugation of the Rhine; and even as a boy you were worthy of that name. Do you ask how she returns it? you are one-eyed. Oh great crime of destiny! I will not say, however closely you press me, who is the Postumus of my book. Ladas was a swift runner (see It is not so. 4 The portico of Pompeius. Rufus, do you see you person who is, always sitting on the front benches, whose sardonyxed hand glistens even at this distance; whose cloak has so often drunk deep of the Tyrian dye, and whose toga is made to surpass unspotted snow; him, whose well-oiled hair smells of all the essences from Marcellus' shop, and whose arms look sleek and polished, with not a hair unextracted? Let the salamander 2 leave its venom on it, or the razor pitilessly denude it, that the image may be worthy of your mirror. This crime she punished with the mirror,1 by means of which she discovered it, and Plecusa fell to the ground under her blows, in consequence of the cruel hair. For, cruel and malicious, he slew with furious tooth two boys of that young band whose duty it was to put a new face on the ensanguined arena with their rakes. 637. in my writings, as in those of the Greeks, are to be found echoing verses,1 and the handsome Attis does not dictate to me a soft and enervated Galliambic strain;2 I am not on that account, Classicus, so very bad a poet. Martial's Epigrams Book Two. covet. Give me, Caius, what I ask: I do not ask advice. What? Goodbye to you, madam wife. The first is, that I waste less paper. The next, that the copier finishes it in one hour, and his services will not be confined only to my trifles. quidquid id est, subitae quaecumque est causa rapinae, sit, precor, et tellus mitis et unda tibi. He wants strained Caecuban wine, and wine ripened in the year of Opimius; and dark Falernian which is stored in small flagons. The past ten years have seen a resurgence of interest in Martial's writings. "Excellent! XCI. Publication Date. learn from Rome's sacred wolf to spare children. The past ten years have seen a resurgence of interest in Martial's writings. Happy by an invitation to dinner, Zoilus, and that dinner yours? In what have I offended you, Apollo, and you nine Sisters? Rev. Leipzig. Thank you; I dine at home. gave it.1. So the commentators interpret. Gideon Nisbet (2015) Oxford Classical Texts: M. Val. ----Respect, adore you----ev'rything but----love. And your white garments, which the land of Apulia produced from more than one flock, would clothe a whole tribe. 1 The stola was the dress of the Roman matron. This is your community of goods among friends, Candidus; this is your community of goods which you talk about so grandiloquently day and night. This edition provides an English translation of and detailed commentary on the second book of epigrams published by the Latin poet Marcus Valerius Martialis. But what is said of her is pure falsehood; she is not in the habit of receiving always. "Which do you prefer?" Martial epigrams Item Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. I must obey you: you shall be treated with deference, as you desire. Look, my verses shout “Hurrah for the Saturnalia!” Under your … Caecilianus, that I invited you. 2 An animal something like a lizard, supposed to yield a poisonous liquid, used as a Book 11. Why do we see Saleianus with a sadder air than usual?----Is the reason a trifling one? Candidus, will you give me anything? Book I:32 I don’t love you… I don’t love you, Sabidius, no, I can’t say why: Video. Put on a countenance more severe than the consort of Priam, and It is true; just as much as Selius 1 is obliged. 1. Mane domi nisi te volui meruique videre, sint mihi, Paule, tuae longius Esquiliae. 4 An untranslateable pun on the word Argonauts, which Martial fancifully compounds of the Greek words ἀργός, "slow," and ναύτης, "a sailor". 2 About a hundred and sixty pounds of our money. FRANKINCENSE. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. 1 The Book bears, in most editions, the title Xenia (gifts to guests), all the epigrams contained in it being inscriptions for presents. Is she dead, she so wealthy, Secundilla, dead, who brought you a dower of a million sesterces? Books. & Williams, Craig A. petaurum. 2  Isis was supposed by many to be the same as Io, who was changed into a heifer by Jupiter. 82. Press the couches; call for wine; crown yourself with roses; perfume yourself with odours: the god himself 2 bids you remember death. Sat vi. Pannicus, shows no signs of manliness. He, who alone had the power, has granted to my prayer the rights of a father of three children, as a reward for the efforts of my Muse. this letter, which you could not say in your verses? LXXXVI. 64. 3  She is a cunning shaver; a courtesan, who scrapes up money from the purses of young men. You are a great busybody. 2 That is, by his having three children by her, which would make the gift of Domitian superfluous. Antiqq. You look, "It is a large sum." You are often not at home: even when you are, you are often denied; or you have leisure only for your law business or your private concerns. Book 4. R. Graves. 3 The petaurum was some sort of machine by which performers were raised from the ground; some have thought it a spring plank, others a wheel or part of a wheel; possibly there may have been different forms of it. 1 Chiron, son of the nymph Phillyra; Jason, son of Aeson. If you have any feeling of shame, replace the dinner on the table: it is not for tomorrow, iv. oh heavy chance! Williams, Craig A. Book two. Martial, Epigrams. See Public Shows, Ep. 11 used & new from $29.97. 3  Ovid, born at Sulmo, a town of the Peligni. 2 Do you not know that the public says what he cannot? Those compositions are not long, in which there is nothing to retrench: but you, Cosconius, write even distichs that are too long. s. v. Tabulae) But I think that she had read what I wrote: she will then grant it.1. 1 client to the lofty temples of the gods? We may exclaim: "Savage, faithless robber! however, if you please, withhold even the half of this half, Are you inclined to grant me a boon still greater, and even inexpressible? you are carrotty. You compose pantomimes prettily, epigrams prettily; you are a pretty grammarian, a pretty astrologer. With like judgment, you would think the Colossus too tall, and might call Brutus's boy2 too short. An illustration of two cells of a film strip. An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Tongilius is reported to be consumed with a semi-tertian fever. 1 A dilemma. It is disease of the throat.2. 2 B. iii. 1 To the father of three or more children great privileges were allowed among the Romans; he sat in the best seats at the games, and had advantages in standing for public offices and distinctions. What am I to do, if the first book has more You give your mistress scarlet and violet-coloured dresses. Because I neither delight in verse that may be read backwards, nor reverse the effeminate Sotades;5 because nowhere ... 2 Criton was a male doctor of Martial's time; Hygeia the goddess of health and daughter of Aesculapius here represents female doctors generally. Your brother 2 earned his triumphs over Idumaea, with the assistance of your father;3 the laurel which is given from the conquest of the Catti is all your own. IV. favour. Gallus, your wife is taxed for the vice This, Milichus, would have been an act of great extravagance, had you loved at such a price, even though rich. By yourself, amorous Bull, and by your mistress, whom you carried off, do you, I implore, invite Selius to dinner.5. He, whom you see walking slowly along with careless step, who takes his way, in violet-coloured robes, through the middle of the square; whom my friend Publius does not surpass in dress, nor even Cordus himself, the Alpha of Cloaks; "I am obliged," you say. I myself am of your escort, and walk before my proud patron; you are of the escort of the other, your patron: again we are equal. Both his sons are alive,----and I pray they may continue to live! But contemporary readers are in particular need of assistance when approaching these epigrams, and until now there has been no modern commentary dedicated to Book II. Book 9. Attis, more commonly written Atys, was a youth beloved by 1 Guests often brought their napkins with them; see That Germanicus 2 may late begin to rule over the ethereal hall, and that he may long rule over the earth, offer pious incense to Jove. Why do I not Come, give over this delay; how much longer are we to await your decision? 1 His wine having been mixed with snow, or very cold water. kiss you, Philaenis? "Laugh if you are wise, girl, laugh," said, I believe, the poet of the Peligni.3 But he did not say this to all girls. 2 The god of the building, that is, Domitian, to whom it was dedicated. An illustration of an open book. He, to whom you gave nothing, has given you----words.1. To dine with you. Will you tell me, "This is not lawful"? Caesar, you who are the certain safety of the empire, the glory of the universe, from whose preservation we derive our belief in the existence of the gods; if my verses, so often read by you in my hastily composed books, have succeeded in fixing your attention, permit that to seem to be which fortune forbids to be in reality, namely, that I maybe regarded as the father of three children.1 This boon, if I have failed to please you, will be some consolation to me; if I have succeeded in pleasing you, will be some reward. Do not, therefore, I pray, do a ridiculous thing, and clap a long dress on a person going to dance. 4. 102 AD--Marcus Valerius Martialis, known in English as Martial, was a Latin poet from Hispania (the Iberian Peninsula) best known for his twelve books of Epigrams, published in Rome between AD 86 and 103, during the reigns of the emperors Domitian, Nerva and Trajan. I'll bow, I'll cringe, be supple as your glove; Quintilian, supreme ruler over our unsteady youth,----Quintilian, glory of the Roman toga, do not blame me, that I, though poor yet not useless to my generation, hasten to enjoy life: no one hastens enough to do so. It befits you to sit by the side of an afflicted mother, of a wife lamenting for her husband, or a sister for her affectionate brother, and to seek your recreation only with the tragic Muse. Fannius, as he was fleeing from the enemy, put himself to death. What have you to do with physicians? Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Laronia refuses to restore my slave, and keeps him for herself: you tell me "she is childless, rich, old, a widow." Born: March 1, 40 AD, in Augusta Bilbilis (now Calatayud, Spain); Died: ca. To some, Postumus, you give kisses, to some your right hand. Granting. At the very entrance of the Suburra, where hang the bloodstained whips of the torturers,1 and where many a cobbler blocks up the Argiletum,2 sits a female hair-cutter. Bohn's Classical Library (1897) BOOK I. LXVIII. Publisher. My estate brings me this profit, that I do not see you, Linus. Epigrams Book two. I prefer your hand. Audio. It is still an act of great extravagance.1. This edition provides an English translation of and detailed commentary on the second book of epigrams published by the Latin poet Marcus Valerius Martialis. Martial, Epigrams. Learn something which you do not know: two pages of Marsus and the learned Pedo often contain only one epigram. "But still those verses of yours are bad." You read him, you ask for him, and here he is: Martial, known the world over for his witty little books of epigrams. This edition provides an English translation of and detailed commentary on the second book of epigrams published by the Latin poet Marcus Valerius Martialis. Book 2. For, behold, the Muse of gaiety brings ill to her poet. I believe you do. The creditor's I deem the primal claim. Thus far this book is written entirely for you, chaste matron. you are bald. Dasius is a shrewd hand at counting his female bathers; he asked the bulky Spatale the price of three, and she TO THE MODEST MATRON. bathe. Epigrams Book XI 2. Jacobus Borovskij. You think I'm called elsewhere, so bid me come  Books. Martial, Epigrams. To see you, however, I have no objection to go two miles; but I have great objection to go four miles not to see you. Dismiss all your Machaons. The epigrams of Martial Item Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. Buy Now More Buying Choices 2 New from $105.56 9 Used from $29.97. But that female cutter, Ammianus, does not cut hair. Oxford University Press. Hark how Selius praises you, when spreading his nets for a dinner, whether you are reading your verses, or pleading at the bar. Whatever is placed upon table you sweep off right and left; breast of sow, chine of pork, a woodcock prepared for two guests, half a mullet, and a whole pike, the side of a lamprey, and the leg of a chicken, and a wood-pigeon dripping with its sauce. I have often made love to Christina. For myself, I take my seat amongst those who at once object to a contest so unequal" Indeed, Decianus, methinks you say what is just. I would not have you curl your hair, nor yet would I have you throw it into disorder. Besides, what have you to say in TO CAESAR, ASKING THE RIGHTS OF A  One who is a patron himself Maximus, should not have a patron. See While thus hesitating what to be, you are becoming unfit for anything at all.