Get onto the nearest grav leap platform to make your way back inside. When they're out of the way there are three ways that you can go by going to the left, straight ahead or you can take a right. Enter Destructapalooza on Planet Kragg. After you done that head back to the area where you started this section in but instead of heading straight across take a right to where you went in the first place upon getting there across the first gap where the Serathoids were as there was a path that went to the left of where they were. When you get through you can change the gravity down so you can push the moveable object as close to the wall blocking the laser then change gravity upwards then change it down to push it again then upward and to the right to block the laser from doing any damage to you. When you get near the end change it right before you touch the liquid depending where you are then glide to slow down if you can avoiding the lasers then when you get to the end you want to change it up but change it left when you get to the end with avoiding the spiked balls. The RYNO VII is a weapon invented by the Plumber in Into the Nexus. Weapon Obtained With this one you'll have to go against a Gargathon but unlike any fights that you done you'll have three platforms that you can stand on to do any firing from. Now it's time to get back to the fight with Mr. When you get there as there'll be a couple of Thugs to deal with as you want to prevent any of them from using the turret if possible and afterwards you'll make your way but without a lot of more Thugs coming your way. Objective Complete As it pertains to this one even though that it's only four rounds but keep in mind that the rounds are long and will put you to the limit in trying to keep whatever ammo that you have in your weapons. Ratchet Clank Nexus 100 Walkthrough part 21 All 9 nine RYNO VII Holo-Plans locations tags: 100 21 All Clank Nexus nine part. Eye, Part III Eye you'll need to glide your way down to fight Mr. Find Vault Keys Go to the Security Station entrance. There should be roughly four or five of the flowers that you have to destroy before you have a horde of Sarathoids after you. your on the internet type it in google. As the Gold Bolts and RYNO Holo Plans I'll do my best in helping finding where they are so you can have the Gold Bolts for the weapons in Challenge Mode and kicking some big booty with the RYNO VII. A cutscene will take place and after the cutscene when you have control again you'll have to look up at Cronk first then afterwards look down to find Zephyr. Now onward to get the final pipe connected as you head to the main connector and towards where you see the last one that'll extend out but as you get there, you'll have to deal with some Thugs with jetpacks as well, ground units, as any that will be in turrets. Once you fall down where it is, push it so far before changing gravity down then pull or push the moveable object so you can open the rock gate. Travel to the Sky Train Station. After the cutscene it'll be time to make your way out of there and to safety as there'll be a Nether in the doorway as you'll want to defeat it before you can try going any further. PayPal Donation: RYNO Holo-Plan Eye as it's time to finish the job against him and similar to the second part of the fight but there's a new thing that he'll do during the fight by turning the platform upside down so watch out when he does that. As you get down there you want to start off by following where you see the Nethers floating around and when you do there'll be some Sarathoids that'll be coming out of a couple flowers as you want to do what you did earlier in the stage when seeing these things. Look around the corner of the station to see a clif. With this one is close to To The Skies challenge but instead of twelve rings to go through you'll need to take down twelve Thugs and the best way to do that you want to use a weapon like the Omniblster/Dual Omniblasters to get through it. Right of the bat you want to press the Right Analog Stick to the right to change gravity to the right making Clank go to the right quicker but if you hold L1 to help slow him down if neccessary. Give people a chance to play the game first. It is the seventh iteration of the R.Y.N.O., and was split by the Plumber into nine pieces to prevent it falling into the wrong hands. Smash it to find the Holo-Plan. Then upon getting to the top it'll be time for another Netherverse Puzzle. The last card can be found in the place you've activated the mechanism to take down a huge force field blocking the passage. Where can I find both RYNO VII holo plans on Planet Thram? I'd tell you the other 5 i found but I can't for the life of me remember where they were. Iron Lombax During the fight I would recommend using if you need to use like Nightmare Box or Mr. Zurkon to help get you out of a jam during the fight against Neftin. Date Finished: December 3, 2015 Keep in mind that you'll need to refill the Jetpack every so often depending how you use it, if you let go for a couple of seconds before using it again it shouldn't be too often to refill but if you stay on it then you'll need to refill more. December 2020: Major Game Releases For PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X/One, Nintendo Switch, And PC, PlayStation 4's Command Over Exclusives Leads To Promising Start For PS5, PS5 Restock Updates: Where To Buy The PS5 In December. Trade 10 Gargathon Horns for Hoverboots. Destructapalooza would like to welcome you to three rounds of angry Thugs and perilous hazards. Also you want to watch out for any Nethers that'll join in the fight due to Mr. Eye. Deplanetizer - RYNO HOLOCARD: VII. When you have made it past the third wave of Thugs you'll need to glide down and follow the trail of bolts to get to where you have to go to next as there'll be some Grav Targets in this area. Once across and up to the next platform, a little ways in as there'll be a quake as part of the ground will be lowered in the process. When you get there via the Grav Tether, there'll be some Blade Balls and more Thugs to deal with upon getting there and when they've been dealt with there'll be one near a Grav Target on another platform so deal with him before setting up that Grav Stream. Objective Completed RYNO V Holo-Plans RYNO 5 Holo-Plans Collect all the holo-plans scattered throughout the galaxy and bring them to the old friend in space. Gargathon Hunter If we head to the left there'll be a Thug along with some Blade Balls to deal with in the next section and when you get to the edge where you have to jump from platform to platform but when you get on the first if you rotate the camera to the right some you'll see a place that looks reachable with the Boost Jump.