Please take a look and share to your friends if you like it! Thank YOU! All aboard! There are 2 railways operating between Narita airport and Tokyo, JR and Keisei. There are many pokémon to be found hidden everywhere around those trees. It opened in 2018 in the Takashimaya Department Store in Nihonbashi, a fashionable neighborhood near Tokyo Station. Check out the following timetable for more information, and plan your trip today. Be aware that they have a great selection of Pokémon socks – but they only go up to Size 6. By using our website you accept our Cookies Policy. read more, Due to lack of time I decided to hire a Tokyo local guide to make use of our time,most especially for 7 hours. You can use your Japan Rail Pass to travel from Tokyo to Ichinoseki, where you can board the Pokémon train. Small children – and those young at heart – can explore to their heart’s content in the Playroom Car. Japan Rail Pass, S.L.. All rights reserved. You can also search a single Pokemon in selecting the list near the button \\ "GO ". The BBC's Tom Edwards tweeted a photo of a sign urging players to … I hope you enjoy it and can share to your friends. It shouldn’t be a problem because Tokyo Station is one of the biggest and most connected train stop in the city. You’re certain to agree that “riding the train is no longer just about the destination but about how you get there.” You’ll feel just like Ash Ketchum as you travel through Japan’s beautiful countryside with Pikachu at your side. If you just want to wander around Shinjuku Park and grab pizza after, there is a Meetup group for that. JR-East operates a train from Tokyo to Hamamatsucho every 5 minutes. If you want a deeper travel experience in Tokyo while at the same time catching all different kinds of Pokémon, we recommend you check out our Pokémon Go Walking Tour in Tokyo, we partnered with a Game Designer to create the perfect tour route for visiting beautiful spots in Tokyo and catching Pokémon, he even helped us creating this very list! The train station closest to the Chureito Pagoda is about a 5-10 minute walk to the base of the stairs. The defining feature of this place for Pokémon Go players is its variety of possible Pokémon to catch, fore some reason Odaiba is filled with pokémon that are hard to find in other places of Tokyo, like Voltorb, Machop, Drowzee, Magnemite and Meowth. Photo by TripleLights, A fierce Gyarados holding the Thunder Gate Gym in Senso-Ji Temple. Find out! There are three Tokyo To Nikko train options Option 1: Shinkanse n plus Local Nikko Line (Our Preferred Option) from Tokyo Station. Bottom-line: This entire area is filled with many different environments, allowing you to catch a viriety of Pokémon! The best way to pay for all trains and subways in Tokyo is with a prepaid Pasmo or Suica card. JR "Azusa" limited express trains require just over 2.5 hours for the journey between Tokyo's Shinjuku Station and Matsumoto.The one way trip costs 6620 yen and is covered by the Japan Rail Pass and JR East Nagano Niigata Area Pass.There are one or two trains per hour. If you want to catch Pikachu in Tokyo, Shinjuku is the best place to go! 1. Nevertheless, this is the only method to train your Pokemon in Pokemon Go for now. You can use a Japan Rail Pass on this line. I have learn... read more, A friendly tourist blastoise hanging around in Senso-ji Temple. Tickets cost ¥90 - ¥220 and the journey takes 6 min. “The aim was to bring a smile back to the faces of the children of these hard-hit areas… as well as attract tourists back to the region”. Although the Pokémon you can find here are not always rare, it's astonishing the amount you can find! ; First bus departs 30min before opening time. And please don't forget to share this post with your friends :-). With a history of over 100 years, Tokyo Station is not only an important base of transportation for the people in Japan, but also a famous landmark for the most populated city in the country. Beneath Tokyo Station lies the underground shopping heaven that is Tokyo Character Street, featuring dozens of pop-up and fully fledged shops that … Depending on the time of your visit, the Pokémon with You train may run daily or on weekends only. You can get to Akihabara Station easily on the JR Yamanote Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line, Sobu Line or Tokyo Metro's Hibiya Line. For the first time in 17 years, JR East has redesigned the stamps of 78 train stations across 11 train lines in Central Tokyo. Narita Airport to Tokyo Disneyland. Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo. These trains cost 1090 yen one way for a non-reserved seat, but are slightly faster and tend to be less crowded. And if you don't like to read, watch the video below and I'll basically read the article for you ;-). Koji has youth and energy, knowledge about Japanese culture, food and life, and was a wonderful host during our stay in Tokyo. With the pond located just a short walk from Ueno Station, one of Tokyo’s busier train hubs, Pokémon GO players have been coming day and night to catch their prey, with many taking up position around Kaieji Temple and its Benten Pavillion, located on an island in the pond that’s connected to the rest of the park by pedestrian paths. Its a great place to capture tons of common-type pokémon for fast xp and evolution! The Pokémon Center is a specialist store for Pokémon goods. That's when i learned she too was a Snoopy fan. How to travel between Matsumoto and Tokyo By direct JR limited express train. Blastoise is one of the rarest pokémon you can find in Pokémon go, so we took a picture to prove :-). Here are the Pokémon With You operating dates for 2020: Where will your Pokémon journey take you? Last bus departs 30min before closing time. There are so many PokéStops with Poké Lures installed and people are so commited to keeping these lures up there, that you can be sure to find hundreds of Pokémon in just a few hours if you go to Ueno Park :-). The newer eastern extension is not far from the Ginza commercial district. The journey takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes. You can find other tips for training your Pokémon in the IGN Pokémon Go wiki. Made pre arrangements 2 weeks before the tour and she was very helpful in giving an itinerary tailor The Pokémon with You Train in Tohoku Region. A brand new branch of Pokemon Center is scheduled to open in 2019 autumn in Shibuya, one of the most visited tourist towns in Tokyo. Parents can relax in the Communication Seat Car, with its thunderbolt carpet and Pika-patterned curtains and seatbacks. Walk out of the station go straight till KEIO Plaza Hotel Tama and turn left. Japan is a fave destination for friends and family. First, looking at accessing the station in downtown Tokyo, Skyliner connects Narita Airport and Nippori Station in 36 minutes at the quickest. If you are Team Valor and want to take over some gyms, there is a group for that. When you arrive at Otsuki Station, board a Fujikyuko Line train to one of the stops around Mount Fuji. Staff are on-hand to keep the children entertained and to snap priceless pictures of this once-upon-a-childhood experience. Please input the station where you get on a train. This is the channel where you can see all the videos: Japan Fan Youtube Channel. Each seat is even decorated with its very own Poké ball, each one a different variety. Alternatively, Tokyu Bus operates a bus from 東京駅南口 to 東京タワー every 30 minutes. Overview Tokyo station is the main terminal station is not only Tokyo area but also Japan. Odaiba is a little bit far, it's an island in the Tokyo Bay area filled with places to go and things to see! We were a bit nervous and wary but ended up having an incredible, once in a lifetime trip and a large part of this was our time with Koji. From every point, an hour or less will be enough to reach there. Get your train tickets, because you’ve gotta catch ‘em all! It is also a philanthropic ideal. Beneath Tokyo Station lies the underground shopping heaven that is Tokyo Character Street, featuring dozens of pop-up and fully fledged shops that … We asked Aki... read more, In the midst of the ongoing COVID drama sweeping the world, my partner and I decided to continue on with our trip to Japan. As mentioned, the Narita Express is the most convenient transfer between Tokyo Station and Narita International Airport, which hosts most of the overseas flights to Japan.. With PvP recently being added, it’ll be helpful to know how to train … Despite being closed because of the virus, she took me there anyway to visit the Peanut cafe and Snoopy town. (English Only) Starting: Arrival: From Tokyo. Introducing the best way to Tokyo Disney Resort including Disneyland and DisneySea from major starting points in Tokyo: from Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, Tokyo Station and Shinjuku Station. You could call Shinjuku the "Pikachu Paradise". ... From Kyoto. 2 thoughts on “The Pokémon with You Train in Tohoku Region”, The Pokémon train and Tohoku Region story, How to get to the Pokémon train from Tokyo, Hello Kitty Shinkansen: The cutest bullet train also in 2021, Alfa-X Shinkansen: The 400 km/h Bullet Train, Driverless Shinkansen: JR East announces tests in 2021, Doctor Yellow Shinkansen: The Iconic Test Train, Using Japanese prepaid IC cards: PASMO, SUICA and ICOCA, Celebrating 25 years of Pixar with a new Kyushu Shinkansen. Click \\ "Add a Pokemon " Select the Pokemon found and click on the map for selecting the place. Yasuro was a polite patient guide with great knowledge. Are you prepared for a festival of Poké Lures? Other accounts state that Pokémon numbers in the area have declined. Not only is the location itself superb, there is also a large Uniqlo on the same floor as the Pokemon Center, so parents bringing their children to … Wait for the jumping animation. By train. TLDR: The 10 best places for Pokémon Go in Tokyo are: Senso-ji Temple, Shibuya, Meiji-Jigu Shrine, Akihabara, Roppongi, Tokyo Tower,  Ueno Park, Imperial Palace, Shinjuku  and Odaiba. Tokyo Monorail operates a series of trains decorated with popular characters from the Pokémon anime series. Photo by TripleLights, send a message to any of the local guides. Definitely check out other interesting cultural activities that you can partake in during your stay in Tokyo. Shibuya is the go-to place to find those pokémon that enjoy being in the city. By Bus. read more, We were looking for an in-depth understanding of Zojo-ji, and it is not one of the popular spots in Tokyo. Rare Pokémon are also quite possible to find here, in our team's first visit we found this Blastoise in just under 15 minutes! The Pokémon train was devised in 2012, after the Tohoku region had been devastated by an earthquake and tsunami in March of 2011. Now let's get to the list of 10 places and the reasons why: Some of the pokémon you can find in Senso-Ji temple: Blastoise, Sandshrew, Machop, Shellder, Bellsprout. Views from the train’s large windows include mountainous terrain and lush farming fields. Here's a tip:You can send a message to one of the friendly guides in Tokyo from TripleLights! Go to Tokyo Disney Resort from airports directly or from Tokyo Station?? Number of Gyms ??? With PvP recently being added, it’ll be helpful to know how to train your squad. You can buy a ticket from the bus ticket counter at the airport. Indeed, you will encounter many pokestops in Tokyo. It's the best place to go if you want to catch Pokémon, get items from many different PokéStops and also make new friends! From Narita Airport: Two hours by Limousine Bus, or about an hour and a half by train. The Train schedule you post above seems wrong or difference from the following: The enormous Pokémon Center DX’s location is very convenient, with it being located just a short walk from Tokyo Station.Even better, it also holds nearly any Pokémon item you can imagine and uses some … read more, Es war wunderschön .Yukiko Hat uns mit ihren liebenswürdigen Art und viel Wissen über die Geschichte Tokios und besten Deutschkenntnissen, Tokio zu einer der Liebenswertesten Städte der Welt gemacht, man kann sie nur empfehlen und wir hatten wunderschöne Tage, sollten wir mal wiederkommen,Dann nur mit Yukiko.Liebe Grüße aus Rosenheim Marisa, Susanne und Tanja read more, OMG, I had a fabulous day with Juliana. And if you are lucky, you may find the powerful Magmar that keeps lurking around that area. We hope you will have a lot of fun catching pokémon while you are in Tokyo! He accepted our last minute booking and met us at our hotel at 10am. Kinshicho Station in Tokyo, Japan Information Latitude: 35.6971368 Longitude: 139.8136337 Country: Japan: State/Province: Tokyo: Town/City: Tokyo: Address: Kinshicho Station Location Name: Kinshicho Station: Number of PokeStops ??? Rare Pokémon like Blastoise have been spotted at Senso-ji, quite possibly one of Tokyo’s most famous temples. If you want a deeper experience in Tokyo while catching Pokémon, check out the Pokémon Go Walking Tour in Tokyo. And all in the time between train transfers. Tokyo Station, 1-9-1 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0005. We recommend Noriko to all travellers who wanted to see in a short ... read more, Nobu was wonderful. I Have created this youtube channel to share cool things about Japan, travel tips and much more! Please note that tickets for the Pokémon train are not sold outside of Japan. A new train station with easy access to Haneda airport and the Shinkansen bullet train opened in Tokyo on Saturday, becoming the first new stop on the capital's busy Yamanote loop line in nearly 50 years. In Akihabara you will find dozens of Pokémon-lovers playing the same game as you, sharing their experiences and which Pokémon they have found. If you want to know what pokemons spawn in your location area around TOKYO this Pokemon Go Map Radar will help you. They will help you make a customized itinerary and give you a quotation for a Pokémon go & Tokyo tour.Trust me: It’s a good idea to have a guide take care of you in Japan, especially when many of the locations listed require access using public transportation and it is beneficial for you to have someone personally guide you to eliminate the risk of getting lost during your stay. Yes, Omiya was the first station to introduce the concept of ‘Ekinaka’ (Inside the station), where stations were no longer a place you just passed through but a place where you could eat, drink, shop, get a haircut...and even get a pet dog! Whether you want to stay in the labyrinths of the station’s many internal streets or venture out into the business central of Marunouchi, you’ll have plenty to see in and around Tokyo Station.Although it is not one of the biggest or oldest stations, it is beautiful—and manages to combine the modern and traditional influences of Tokyo, as well as Japanese and Western. Only a week after its release, we were hearing warnings in the train stations about being careful while using phone applications and walking. If you don’t have a Japan Rail Pass, a ticket costs 2,590 yen. Now with Generation 2 Pokemon! Other accounts state that Pokémon numbers in the area have declined. He spoke great english and did a great job of explaining the local culture and history. For most tourists visiting Japan, the best way to travel throughout the country is with a Japan Rail Pass. This trip takes about 3 hours, but a train departs every hour. There are shuttle buses between Narita International Airport and Tokyo station. In Japan and especially in Tokyo, Pokémon Centers (stores selling Pokémon goods) are everywhere, as well as various pop-up cafes dedicated to the Nintendo franchise.This time, a new center located in Nihonbashi, near Tokyo Station has a dedicated and permanent cafe, on the 5th floor of Takashimaya department store. . For More Info: Sanrio Puroland Official Website. JR-East operates a train from Tokyo to Maihama every 10 minutes. But now it seems as if the Pokémon bug has finally been repelled and only the dedicated masters are left wandering the back alleys of Tokyo. After the player retrieves the part from the Cerulean Gymand returns it to the Power Plant, the train is able to run. Numerous Pikachus hide along the walls. There are no bus services linking central Tokyo with Nikko. Take the Chuo Line if you’re traveling from Tokyo Station. A new cafe dedicated to Pokémon . Once you reach your destination, you can help the recovering Tohoku region when you buy local products, including delicious fresh seafood from this small port town. As requested, he put together a 3 day itinerary for us based upon our interests and desired activity level. It takes at least 60 minutes. This list is not ranked in any specific order. From JR Shinjuku Station, Shonan Shinjuku Line trains run to Utsunomiya Station, where a transfer is required to the JR Nikko Line running to Nikko. On the train’s exterior, you’ll be greeted by a passel of excited pikachus. TLDR: The 10 best places for Pokémon Go in Tokyo are: Senso-ji Temple, Shibuya, Meiji-Jigu Shrine, Akihabara, Roppongi, Tokyo Tower, Ueno Park, Imperial Palace, Shinjuku and Odaiba.. So from start to finish, it took me around 2.5 hours to go by train from Tokyo to the train station near the Chureito Pagoda. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Tokyo station to Shibuya Crossing via 東京駅南口, 虎ノ門一丁目, 2番のりば, and 降車専用 in around 1h 2m. Watch images of the real Ueno park in Pokemon Cherry blossoms here. Alternatively, Keisei bus operates a bus from Tokyo Station Yaesu South Exit to Tokyo Disneyland 5 times a day. If you want to test your skills and compete in a difficult gym to beat and to defend, your place is the Tokyo Tower. His patience when explaining local habits and teaching us how to ride the tube were the reason we were able to get around the rest of the country, and his impecable guidance made it able for us to cover all of Tokyo in the l... read more, Aki was very easy to work with and accomodating to our group of 6.