Then you had the Thule Society which created the NSDAP. Ultima Thule is for people who want to experience the real Alaska. Trip of a lifetime. A welcoming glass of wine and an introductory meeting to plan our stay. They call it the land beyond – the place of the unknown. On the day we went to icy bay, someone had packed us some wine to sip on while we watched bits of glacier fall into the ocean. See photos and contact Alaska's Ultima Thule Lodge for a tour. Ski Touring Weeks. There was some occultism involved, but mainly old beliefs about the Ultima Thule (Atlantis) and the Aryan race. After a long afternoon of exploring, hiking, or flying, you make your way up to the wilderness lodge's wood-fired sauna and hot tub. Guests can enjoy free breakfast during their stay. History. And can't wait to have the next of what I am sure will be many visits. If your main reason for visiting Alaska is fishing, then Waterfall … he used a one of a kind pho sause, herbs and vegetable from their garden plus he did some foraging for accents to the food. We were honored to be part of your 20th anniversary celebration and can't wait to see you again in 2021! The Claus family invites you to share their home in one of the most rugged, remote and hauntingly beautiful corners of the world.At Ultima Thule Lodge you will discover an outpost of civilized luxury to crown your experience in the heart of the largest National Park in North America. Ultima Thule Lodge - located around 350 miles east of Anchorage - is set in a remote valley with brown bears, wolves and wild birds being some of the only other inhabitants. Ultima Thule Lodge In July 2018, my wife and I spent 4 nights at the Ultima Thule Lodge, a private, family-run, all-inclusive lodge located inside Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in Alaska. The lodge is run by a family of pilots. Come live the dream and discover the hidden beauty of Alaska! Our fleet of planes will take you to the most remote, pristine areas of the Alaskan wilderness. The team at the lodge was all very caring and nice, and we both felt welcome, even in these times of covid insanity. Ultima Thule in medieval geographers may also denote any distant place located beyond the "borders of the known world". Guests at Ultima Thule can rest assured they’re in good hands: The lodge is run by the intrepid Claus family, particularly Paul Claus, the legendary bush pilot and adventurer who is known as much for his skilled glacier landings as his mountaineering exploits (he’s gone as far as Everest and as close to home as nearby Mount St. Elias). This expereince meet or exceeded those experiencess on all levels. This unique and timeless Lodge has adopted a style of “no roughing it” luxury that only enhances the already indescribable setting. To land a plane on a glacier is amazing. We were lucky enough to fly with Paul and every day was a miracle. Best pinpointed by coordinates rather than a conventional address, Ultima Thule Lodge is the Last Frontier’s last frontier. With little to no development in the Wrangell-St Elias Park, the way to "get around" was by bush plane. We recommend calling ahead to confirm details. The daily excursions we so remarkable and our pilot Mike could not have been any nicer. Adventurers who want to be left in awe of nature and can appreciate the value of a place where the mountains are still without names. Ultima Thule primarily refers to: Thule, a Latin (and earlier Greek) name for an island north of Britain 486958 Arrokoth, a Kuiper belt object previously nicknamed “Ultima Thule” before its official naming, visited on January 1, 2019 by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft After much deliberation I chose this experience. The Ultima Thule Lodge offers you two extremes—though extremes of the best kind possible. On our last day we sat for along time watching a glacier fall/calve into the sea while eating the best sandwich i may have every had, it was a contest ever day to wow you with another rare sandwich blend. The land where the mountains are nameless. Find yourself surrounded by jaw-dropping mountains and crystalline glaciers with an array of adventures on your doorstep. This unique and private lodge is one of the most luxurious places to stay in Alaska but it’s also tucked inside the vast wilds of the largest protected land mass on earth. Nothing is as epic as this scenery and it will forever change your perspective. “People come here with friends and family, and they leave together with memories they will never forget. The Claus family invites you to share their home in one of the most rugged, remote and hauntingly beautiful corners of the world.At Ultima Thule Lodge you will discover an outpost of civilized luxury to crown your experience in the heart of the largest National Park in North America. See more. Fly into Anchorage and we can help you arrange a seat on the shared flight charter bound for McCarthy. Experiences create lasting bonds.”. Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more. Anchorage is over 350 miles due west of the lodge and McCarthy is an isolated, once abandoned, historic copper mining town within the boundy of the National Park about 50 airmiles from the lodge. Ultima Thule Lodge is an exclusive wilderness lodge within the wild and remote lands of the Wrangell-St. Elias National Preserve, the largest protected wilderness on earth. Come live the dream and discover the hidden beauty of Alaska! More. We were so happy to host you and your family and show you around the Wrangells. The owner Paul and his family are amazing people to have created a very specail place. We are so happy that you enjoyed your time at Ultima Thule. Quite possibly the most isolated lodge anywhere, Ultima Thule Lodge takes its name from the "unknowable realm" beyond the … This was an irregular masonic lodge under the Grand Orient of France. Summertime. We have been wow'd by scenery, food, accomadtions, and staff on walking safaris in Tanzania and live aboard dive trips in southern indonesia. of flying is epecially unique withhow they are able to land and take 100 feet or less and on uneven ground. Magical Spot in The Heart of Alaskan Wilderness, I don’t know where to even start with Ultima Thule Lodge. Some of the more popular amenities offered include free breakfast, airport transportation, and laundry service. Weather dictates our days and stays are available May-September. more. I was so awe inspired for several days, I don't know where to start. Waterfall Resort Alaska, Ketchikan. The flight from Macarthy, arrival at the lodge, welcome from staff (Pete was fantastic). Ultima Thule is a luxurious, family-run lodge which benefits from an enviable location in Alaska's Wrangell St. Elias National Park. Yes, Ultima Thule Lodge offers an airport shuttle for guests. What are some of the property amenities at Ultima Thule Lodge? They are happy to take you on their planes to explore the unspoilt nature of the Wrangell Mountains with you. is as good a general manager as you'll find.